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petermv 's Home Page

This is my SPOT on the web! (A tired phrase, but I felt it appropriate, sorry.)

(Not for those with delicate stomachs!)

This is Peter's page about my cat Spot, and other stuff.
I signed up on 09/24/98 17:20:57.

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, or at my link to Amazon: Amazon.Com

Satellite DISH TV, anyone?

My cousins in the states had my father's parents' names put on the Ellis Island Immigrant's wall: American Immigrant's Wall of Honor

Residents for Sustainable Development in Guelph Fighting Wal Mart's development.(I think they lost, somewhat.) Here's another big environmental kind of issue in Guelph: Big Lake Erie Drinking Water pipeline

But, maybe we'll need it if Wellington Water Watchers are unsuccessful in trying to limit the amount of groundwater being bottled by Nestl� Waters and others.

Rick Mercer Report Spread the Net campaign:

Get the sponsors to buy some

Save some trees!(and ecosystems!)
Greenpeace's Forest Friendly 500 businesses

This makes sense too: Ontario Clean Air alliance Peak Busters

National hunger awareness Day

United Nations Climate Change Conference

Or, a handy-dandy Toronto area map-

View Larger Map

My interests are:
Eating, Astronomy/Space stuff, eating, Science/Nature, eating, making maple syrup(a ridiculously small amount!) (see "Behind the Scenes", section near the bottom), eating, roasting peppers, eating.

Please come back soon and visit me.

Here's a picture of me in front of the plant (The building has been sold and the business has been sold, and moved to the new owner's in Toronto, who went out of business a while ago, and owes people money).

Nick pointed out, that to search for something on a page press CTRL F (for Find), (like my albums or videos - how convenient!)
My bookmarks(Revised)

My Albums
My Videos
Some old concert tickets I have
Some Science kind of sites
What happened all those years ago history site

My high school 50th anniversary reunion site- OOPS! - it's too late now!

Send text message to Rogers Cell phone

Find a cellphone recycler

Some Aid agency links (with Indian Ocean Tsunami in mind):

Canadian Red Cross--

Care Canada--
Doctors without Borders

Oxfam Canada


World Vision Canada
Development and Peace

The Mars Society - Join Us!

Hubble Photo Gallery

Heavens Above astonomical information site.

Canadian Space Agency

Doomsday Clock at The

Here's a site with lots of people's quotes:

A link on You tube I found: Birdie num nums

And another: Birdie num nums

GoGo Grannies group that supports African Grandmothers of AIDS orphans

B612 Project to change the orbit of an asteroid so that it won't impact the planet. Sounds like fun!

Check out the weather in Toronto: CBC Toronto "Live" Outdoor Webcam,

This is handy- Satellite view of northeastern North America: Satellite view,

or, how about Guelph?

Eureka!!, an outdoor webcam in Guelph!

New Guelph Cityhall construction site.

National Hurricane Center

CBC Toronto
One of my favorite places: KW Surplus
Camvista live Edinburgh camera
Earthcam Webcam Network

See if there's any action here
A site with links to a bunch webcams- Cams Across Ontario

Check this one out during Mardi Gras: New Orleans Paradecam

...or this one.

PETA Group - People Eating Tasty Animals

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Perimeter Insitute video archives of public lectures.

Einsteinfest - to commemorate the centennial year of his theories.

The First Flight Society

Some radio I listen to on the air and on the Internet:

CFRU - Univeristy of Guelph
SETI Radio Network
Listen to CBC Radio 1
Live 365 Internet Radio - Free Log in
Explorations in Science with Dr. Michio Kaku Show archives at KPFA FM
Explorations in Science show Sunday 3 PM Eastern time KPFK L.A. (- a pretty anti-Bush station!)

NASA TV on the web.

Oops! I forgot this link - Quirks and Quarks

Stardust Mission Cleanroom webcam

Stardust Mission Stardust@home data analysis project

Sing Lyrics

See what's on at the Mustang Drive In Theatre.

I was all set to enter a brewery contest, sponsored by the Ontario Craft Brewers, but I'm not eligible, thanks to Nick, because he worked at Wellington County Brewery

Bill Gates personal wealth clock.

Be sure and tell them Large Marge sent you.

Powered by WebRing.

Some excerpts from Jokes 4 u emails I used to get:

You Know You're a Redneck When... (2006 Edition)

The Halloween pumpkin on your front porch has more teeth than your wife.
You let your twelve-year-old daughter smoke at the dinner table in front of her kids.
You've been married three times and still have the same in-laws.
You think a woman who is "out of your league" bowls on a different night.
Jack Daniels makes your list of "Most Admired People."
You think Genitalia is an Italian airline.
You wonder how service stations keep their restrooms so clean.
Anyone in your family ever died right after saying, "Hey, y'all watch this"
Your wife's hairdo was once ruined by a ceiling fan.
You go to your family reunion looking for a date.

Wanring[sic]: Blond Joke
A blonde walks up to a Coke machine in a Las Vegas casino, puts in a few coins,
and out pops a Coke. She puts some more coins into the machine, another can of soda pops out.
She keeps putting in coins, and cans of soda keep coming out.
A guy walks up behind her and says, "Can I please use the machine?"
"Get Away!" she says. "Can't you see I'm winning?"

Word Wierdness
Dyslexics ahve more fnu.
Clones are people two.
Entropy isn't what it used to be.

You should quit smoking- Mummy said! And, also (Mummy did not say...)
Here's another anti-tobacco site, (I think?).

Help save the Boreal forests with Greenpeace - - (the late) Bob Hunter saved whales and protested stuff - Obituary from CP24/CITY TV Toronto
(Maybe you can see an aerial view of a forest somewhere here - Google Earth)
CP24 Live audio feed

The outrageous story (death of a Warrior) of the Rainbow Warrior and Fernando Pereira and the French Secret Service

We signed up for some wind generated electricity at Selectpower which has now been bought by Bullfrog Power
Maybe you can find a supplier here - Green power suppliers
University of Waterloo's Midnight Sun solar race car
The Girl Guides are recyling wine corks, you winos!
Greenpeace toilet paper statistic

Here is a classic government agency that ran short info clips on TV -Hinterland Who's Who when I was little
Here's another government site I thought I'd put a link in for: Rules for Flying the Flag

Some Immigration consultant's site This site just came up somewhere and I thought I'd put it here, because I heard there were people looking to move from the US because George W. Bush was re-elected.
And how about Marry an American.

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Here are some pictures of Spot (the name of my cat - I should point out that this was 6 or 7 years, or more, before Data on Star Trek The Next Generation had a cat named Spot) from 1982?, just after he had his tail removed (by the Vet). Below, is a shot of his tail stump.(Blair is the "talented" webster/ reconstructive artist/ personal internet consultant.)

These pictures were taken just after he got back from the Guelph Animal Hospital , where they removed his tail (Doug wanted to know what I did with the tail - I never thought about it at the time). It was a summer Monday morning, and I was just going to work, and Spot had returned after being away for the weekend (I don't know where he went). He was really hungry, of course, and he was rubbing my legs, like cats like to do. I noticed that his tail had no fur, and was a little bloody - he was leaving little streaks of blood on my pant legs.

So, I took him down to the Guelph Animal Hospital and left him there. When I checked back, they had "removed" his tail, and had a bill for me for about $75.00. The fact that he had his tail cut off is kind of funny, because when I first got him as a kitten, he was all scared and everything, so I tried to entertain him by putting his tail in his face. After I did that, he caught it, and decided to nurse on the end of it, like a baby sucking it's thumb. This became a very bad habit for him - his saliva would bleach the colour out of the tip of his tail. It was REALLY GROSS if he'd been sucking on it for a while, and if he jumped up in your lap, the end of his tail would be all cold and wet with cat slobber! Anyway, I guess that's what happens to little kittens who suck the ends of their tails!

Some Cat links-
Living with a disabled cat (Spot was actually disabled by his amputation - his balance was off, and he had a different gait!)
Cat Watch Newsletter site at Cornell University - What a concept!? I just thought I'd thought I'd see what it was.

Since Crazy has become a regular predator in the neighborhood, I thought I should try and help the birds out a bit- Fatal Light Awareness Program

Here's a shot of the house from 1980(?), from the windmill tower, photo by Louis. Just beyond the horizon at the upper left of the picture, there are now lots of houses, streets, a new school, a new plaza just going in, etc.

Haaaa, ha!, from Simpsons - sound bites page

After I moved out of my parents' house in 1984, we were considering moving Spot into our house on Harris St., down in the Ward, but he made his lucky escape.
Here is a prescrition label from something Spot had once - maybe some de-worming medicine? (What do you think, Blair?)

I included this cartoon from OFF THE MARK web site onto my page (with generous permission from off the mark the author), because it reminded me of Spot rubbing his nose and mouth on my chin whiskers. It was time to put him down (on the floor, that is) when he started getting into that.

I recently purchased a 2005 Off The Mark Calendar at and Gwen already went through the whole thing, finding it quite amusing. I'm patiently waiting for each day's offering through the year. I should buy a 2009 Off the Mark Calendar

Here's a picture of Gwen when she was a baby, before she had to spin on her nose and spit nickels, and I was an egg- Here's a picture of me when I was a baby- Nice haircut!
I think this picture must have been
taken in my grandparents' house.

Speaking of babies, here's a picture of the kids messing around tapping a maple tree a few(?) years ago. The girl drinking from the tree, is Andrea's friend Fernanda, from Brazil. She was in her kindergarden class for the year, while her father was working at the University of Guelph. Nick is being goofy.

I used to take the kids on Sunday afternoon walks at the University of Guelph Arboretum's J. C. Taylor Nature Centre. We used to be the only ones there a lot of the time - it was great! Every spring, they make maple syrup there, so I was inspired. My parents tried making some maple syrup in our old house that's out beside the bush, once, I think, while we lived there. They boiled it down inside the house, and it made a mess with all the steam and maple sugar condensing in the house. We had a dog then, that we got when I was a baby. She was a German Sheppard/ Collie mix, I think. My parents had to pay to have the hydro put poles and lines about a mile up the road to the house back then, and the old farmer he bought the land from lived in an old stone farmhouse.

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Links to other sites on the Web

Jack Horkheimer - Star Gazer/Star Hustler
COMPASS Toronto traffic camera network page
Billy's School's Anti-racism video
Off The Mark home page
Matt Valeriote's Home page at McMaster
The Arboretum at University of Guelph

Remember, water finds it's own level!

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